UAN Status: How to Check EPF UAN Status Online?

UAN Status Check

All of the EPF members can speedy check their UAN status (Universal account number). It is available in on hand for checking the EPF balance on-line. There are a few methods via which you may check the EPF balance status; however one of the high-quality is to check through the UAN number.

The employment provident fund employer can posted the universal account number to the employee. The employee can discover the UAN to check and download the UAN number list through the official website and with the assist of UAN helpdesk, so it is the easy way to submission the price online and test the declare. So that is used to test the UAN status online.

UAN Status

How to Check UAN Status Online:

Employee can check the UAN status given step by step technique take a look at the popularity through the official portal.

  • Employee can visit our official website
  • Then seek the recognize my reputation choice hyperlink.Check UAN Status
  • Now click on your appropriate state and place.
  • subsequent input the provident fund number to put up button.
  • Now the UAN status will appear at the display screen.

Your office should provide you with the universal account number as quickly because it gets from the EPFO.  You can cross and ask to the organization for your UAN. However earlier than going to your HR department, please do check the UAN status online from the EPFo portal. Now you may get your UAN online from the Universal account number individuals e-sewa portal. But before going into the UAN status take a look at you need to recognize about the UAN.

Universal Account Number Status

Do you not recognize your universal account number or UAN? Are you now not aware about the status of UAN? Did your corporation not tell you the UAN? Get it immediately. The UAN  is the primary element you must realize in case you are contributing into the EPF account.

UAN is a 12-digit account number which is furnished to the EPFo member personnel. It is identification to the individuals who are currently contributing to EPFO. In simple phrases, we are able to say that UAN is a lifetime identification of a person. This universal account number is supplied to the personnel with lifetime validity. The employers should to put up all of the details along side the documents which are required at the EPFo employer portal. In this newsletter, we will be talking approximately how to UAN status check at their website.

UAN stands for the universal account number and it comes with the very stylish. Whilst you want to verify your EPF balance status from the web. There are possible an approach to check them in addition to it is one of the first-rate techniques and it consists of the popular account variety. In most case, whether or not you have got already carried out for the equal aspect, then you can take a look at EPF UAN status from the website.

Check UAN Status

Provident fund is a main saving tool for all working employees who are contributing to EPFO. The provident fund number accommodates of contributions from the organization, employee, and the government. A big wide variety of personnel are members of EPFO. Therefore, any statistics concerning the UAN is very big.

This article is written to reveal you how to check your UAN status online. When you have now not yet received this range, check the status. If you have received, take a look at a way to prompt to enjoy heaps of blessings. The UAN is a unique number for each employee and does now not exchange with the alternate of process. The UAN number remains same for multiple PF account numbers. Employees also can link the UAN with PAN card, Aadhar card, and any bank statement.

How to Activate EPF UAN Status?

Just follow below link and check UAN status.

After activation, you will make your login id to check EPFO balance utilizing UAN number. Online UAN activation will empower you to benefit numerous online offices at EPFO login. To activate your UAN, you will submit practically same format given above. You will Get PIN number which you need to enter to activate your Universal Account Number. When it is activate, it can likewise prove to be useful while knowing your EPF balance status.

Know UAN Status

Individuals can get different data identified with their EPFO account without moving toward employers. So that you are holding different PF account numbers, don’t attempt to create various UAN numbers. The EPFO UAN system does not permit to create various UAN numbers. So that you have not yet gotten your UAN, you can check UAN status utilizing given strategy. You can likewise produce your Universal Account Number while you are not as of now working. You can utilize your past EPF account number. Regardless of the possibility that you have pulled back your EPF sum, you can in any case create your UAN and check UAN status.

What is UAN?

UAN or universal account number is an unique number given to every member of Employee provident fund scheme. Unlike PF member identity, the UAN does now not trade with the trade of task. Because of the UAN, the EPF switch and EPF withdrawal has come to be very clean. To avail most benefit from the UAN you should hyperlink your aadhar range with the UAN.

UAN fills in as  personality for EPFO represent lifetime. It can likewise be seeded with bank account, PAN number and Aadhar card number. It is extremely gainful for employee. The number stays same even when employee are changing employments much of the time. Crores of UANs are now activated on the online at UAN portal. So that if you need to activate your UAN number, simply collect your UAN number from your employer. In any case you can likewise know your UAN status online by utilizing your PF number. If your UAN number is not yet created, utilize this data to track the UAN status. With this office, individuals can produce and know their UAN status number online without help of employer.

Know Benefits of UAN

Before we check how to discover your UAN status, we will know in brief the benefits of a UAN.

  • Once you have got activated your UAN, you could do lots of factors without the use of your EPF number. If you have multiple EPF account numbers, then the UAN portal will become even extra beneficial.
  • This is because it permits you to access all your EPF debts with one everlasting UAN. Consequently, even in case you leave or change your jobs, your UAN stays the same. below are some of the major benefits of having an activated UAN:
  • You may view your EPF status at any time genuinely by way of logging into the UAN member portal or via the mobile app.
  • You may also take a look at your EPF status the use of SMS and overlooked call provider. Confer with our article on PF status for greater facts on this.
  • View and/or download your EPF UAN passbook through the UAN member portal or via the mobile app.
  • Follow for EPF withdrawal without your organization’s signature.
  • Track the status of your EPF claim for withdrawal. Check out our article on EPF balance status for more information on this.
  • Transfer your EPF account online.
  • Update and change your kyc statistics on the EPFO portal.
  • Download and print your UAN card.

Hope you will understand all the details about UAN status likewise how to activate, how to generate, online check status and so on. Although if you have any query regarding EPF UAN activation status you can contact our team freely, we will solve your query as soon as early possible, Also we will suggest how to solve it. Our portal covered all the features of UAN like How to activate UAN status, UAN helpline number, pay EPF, UAN member portal etc in future. So stay with this we will publish new information!

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