UAN Passbook: Know How to Download UAN Passbook Online

UAN Login Passbook

You know UAN passbook is available online via UAN member portal. Digitization is a fantastic thing, particularly if you’re among those who have had to stand in serpentine queues outside a government office.

For EPF members who have an activated UAN, you longer need to visit an office for your UAN passbook. Along with no more than a few clicks or taps on a computer or smartphone, you could obtain your UAN passbook online. With this site you could download you UAN passbook as well as check you EPF balance. Although you can contact for any kind of help regarding UAN simply call on UAN helpline number.

UAN Passbook

Know various ways to check your EPF balance! Employee provident fund is an essential part of any employee’s life. Almost all of the companies deduct PF. You can check your EPF Balance online of offline in couple of minutes! EPFO balance is the amount currently in your EPF Account. The PF balance is an indicator of your savings at the time of retirement. The Employees Provident Fund Balance amount comprises the amount which is deducted every month from your monthly salary. It also comprises the amount which is contributed to your EPF account by your employer. The online EPF balance checking platform was really launched in the year 2011. EPF is an integral part of the salary structure of any salaried employee. This info is going to help you to check your PF balance online/offline in few moments. Along with these different ways, it is easy for anyone to check their provident fund amount whenever they want.

How to Download UAN Passbook Online

If you want to download your UAN passbook online then just follow simple steps:

  • First of all visit UAN member portal website
  • After open UAN member e-sewa click on “For Employees”
  • Then enter your UAN number, password and click on Login button
  • Now your UAN member account is open so click on “Download passbook”
  • Finally your UAN passbook id fully downloaded in PDF format.

UAN Member Passbook

Your UAN passbook provides details about all the transactions that have occurred in your EPF account. It gives information about your own and your employer’s contributions, as well as contributions made towards the employee pension scheme. It also carries information about partial withdrawals, if any. The UAN passbook is also the preferred tool for checking your current PF status.

UAN passbook is among the revolutionary changes brought by EPFO. It is a part of the initiative to make PF account information easily accessible to the employees. No need to wait for the statement to know the PF balance status. Employees could now know the details of their PF account just with a click. Get out how to download UAN passbook online. Moreover, employees could similarly get a print out of the PF passbook at every time from any place using the internet. All the requirements and process of obtaining the UAN passbook are simply provided here. EPFO provides facility to download passbook from the EPF UAN portal . It has also given an option to get the same on the smartphones using the mobile app. We have already shared a procedure of checking your current PF balance status online.

UAN Passbook download

The UAN passbook can be downloaded multiple times after registering at the EPFO portal. Learn how to register and download the UAN passbook. Follow the link and know all the details of your PF account. It will show all your monthly contributions ad your employer’s contribution to the account. The provident fund is the most significant saving scheme for the salaried class in India. EPFO has made numerous efforts to improve the PF related procedures in favor of employees. It is now possible to claim PF without the involvement of the employer. Online transfer of PF account from one company to another is also available.

UAN Passbook via Mobile App

Although the mobile app is the popular way to check your PF status, you could use it to view your passbook, too. Consider an example where you’ve changed jobs recently and have just started working at your new job. You prefer to know what your employer contribution was really at your previous workplace. It seems like your current employer’s contribution may be less than what it was at your previous company. So how do you compare the two employer’s contributions without raising an unnecessary hue and cry?

The mobile app is simply presently only available for the Android OS. Even so, the EPFO is doing the job hard to bring out an iOS version soon. You could download the current version of the app from the EPFO website directly. In conclusion, here’s how you could check your UAN passbook via the mobile application. Also you can check UAN activation status online.

How to View UAN Passbook on Mobile

Members can now activate their UAN accounts from their smartphones. Download the EPF mobile app from the given link. After downloading the app, you can view your monthly credits through the passbook.


Do remember to turn on ‘Allow installation of apps from the unknown sources’ under security settings of your phone. While you access the m-sewa app, select the tab for the member. It will also show the tabs for employer and pensioners. Pensioners can also download this app to see the detailed transactions of their NPS account.

Advantages of UAN passbook.

Once you activate your UAN, you could download or view UAN passbook multiple times. The passbook is going to let you know the month-wise and date-wise transaction details of your provident fund account. It may show details of the accounts from the year it is digitalized.

Apart from downloading UAN passbook, you can easily also simply check your balance and update your personal information in your PF account. Employees can use one mobile number only for one registration only. To view the PF passbook, one need to link his/her UAN with the PF account number. Also, the passbook facility is not available to the members of the exempted establishments.


We are leading portal created to offer details to the member of EPFO. The information provided on our blog are exclusively for informative purpose. All PF procedures significant for employees and employers are provided via separate posts. You might approach your nearest EPF office in the case of any issue in viewing your UAN passbook. Currently the passbook are offered only if the return and challan are really updated by the employer. Our site has updated on availing all the online facilities on UAN based member portal, EPFO member portal and Employer E-Sewa portal.

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