UAN Number: How to Get UAN Number Online?

What is UAN Number?

The Employees’ Provident Fund Organisation has made a decision to assign a Universal Account Number (UAN) or UAN number to all members of the Company. UAN continues to be currently supplied to customers currently adding to the account to begin with. Employers can now obtain the list of quantities and provide it for their employees by opening the ” UAN download list” in the Manager UAN Website. This may help online submission of move claims by people by having an objective to make the move relaxed, productive and translucent for Employees. Therefore to review You need UAN for quick and easy online exchange of EPF.

UAN Number

The UAN number or Universal account-number is just a variety of every private industry employee. You can’t prevent this amount. Should you contribute the into the EPF bill, you can’t dismiss UAN number anymore. Today, most of the providers of EPFO are from the UAN amount and also know helpline of UAN. A whole lot more duties, EPF move and the EPF harmony check are dependent upon the UAN.

How to Get UAN Number

To know how to get UAN number online from UAN epfo member portal follow below steps:

  • Within The Employee provident fund, you have to refill your working environment location column and state
  • Enter your fund that’s been bifurcated into Quantity/ Ext Rule/Office/Region.
  • Subsequently select Check Status option. If the meaning obtained your Universal account number are activated. It’s apparent that Employee provident fund company has allocated you because the UAN.

UAN Number Online

Within the course that is regular, you must provide every company the UAN. Instead, the UAN number should be printed by the company while in the income falls. Nevertheless, there are numerous employers who don’t tell its employee the UAN.

The UAN number can be got by such staff through the website. The capability to test the status of UAN has been granted by the EPFO. I will tell the process to check on the UAN Status to you. Nonetheless, you need to have information that is particular to have the UAN number.

How to Activate UAN Universal Account Number

The universal account-number is given to the personnel will soon be intimated through the pay slip towards the staff. The employee must activate the UAN after realizing the Universal account-number.

  • Go to The EPFO site at Account Number
  • Choose The EPFO- uan company of the page at the correct corner
  • Get an individual guide with the link
  • Browse The user information then click uan associate site
  • Select then and the Trigger your UAN go through the checkbox
  • Enter the compulsory subject for that UAN Activation.
  • Enter the worldwide account number allocated for you and enter your number
  • After that choose the office and Subsequently choose the state.

Advantages of Universal Account Number

Universal Account Number (UAN number) is the twelve-digit amount allotted to every member of the EPF (Staff Provident Fund) that really helps to manage all his or her Employee provident fund records. The Universal account number colleagues with the employee and connect all her or his provident fund accounts around the businesses. Ministry of Job Government of Asia supplied this account-number that was Universal. If their present job changes, then she or he gets new provident fund account with the business. This is the basis for numerous provident account-number allotted to the employees.

Multiple provident bill numbers will be the area that is troubled because so many of the personnel consideration grievances that related to move or withdrawal of fund sum.

Produce the PF bill supervision more easy and to defeat this dilemma, the idea unveiled. The account-number that is Universal will be the individual account-number that could link numerous numbers of identification associated with the same staff. Using the help of UAN, staff connects all her or his provident fund accounts as a way to produce the revulsion and move procedure for PF cash easier.

UAN Number Advantages For Employees

The employee provident fund company introduces the account-number that was universal. The Universal account-number is one of many most significant quantities for Employees and every workplace. It is the unique number given to every staff of the EPF. The regular intimation is sent messages of the EPF bill by the staff provident fund corporation. The messages help to stay the deadline for your employees. The fund transport is one of the Universal account number’s major advantages. The account number portal that is Universal grips the UAN linked works. By using this website it is possible to accomplish various duties such as UAN activation, verify the allotment status, examine the passbook, and publish your KYC file and Aadhaar files yet others.

How to Register EPFO UAN Number

Number anybody can certainly examine their PF harmony number by using the universal account. The employer provides account that is Universal number to each Employee as well as the manager printing Universal account number in wage ease. Before you go to register for your epfo uan amount, the staff needs to have the details. They are
• Day of Birth
• Mobile number
• PAN card number
• Title
• PF number and others

Hope you will understand all of the things related to UAN number like how to Get UAN number online, Advantages, Benefits and more. Also we shared more information on status of UAN, EPF claim status, EPFO unified portal and UAN helpline number at our website.

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