EPFO Unified Portal: How to Login at UAN Member Portal?

Unified Member Portal

Are you searching for login at UAN portal? Then government of India launched new EPFO unified portal for its employers as well as employee. EPFO has thought of another bound together UAN login for Employees and EPF Employers and Establishments in Dec 2016. This article discusses the new UAN Unified Portal for Employees in detail. After it was establish on 28 Dec 2016, it was not working appropriately. Following 1-2 weeks of down time, this new login is getting balanced out starting at early Jan 2017. Workers can sign into the new UAN portal and download their passbook, Download/Print UAN Card, Update KYC data.

EPFO unified member portal

Why Utilize UAN Portal or UAN Website?

You can utilize UAN portal for

  • Download/Print your Updated UAN Passbook at whatever time.
  • Download/Print your UAN Card.
  • Update your KYC data.

New UAN EPFO Unified Portal after Login looks as takes after. After login to the new UAN bound together portal, you will see a perfect interface. Menus(Home, View, Manage, and Account), Three large activities (View Passbook, UAN Card and Account Settings), Member Profile on the right-hand side

Login to new UAN EPFO Unified Portal

Go to EPFO site at UAN: Home (https://unifiedportal-mem.epfindia.gov.in/memberinterface/). Enter your UAN and Password. Attempt with the password set before. So that does not work and you can tap on Forgot Password.

You can change your password if your mobile number has not changed or regardless of the possibility that it has changed. Review of ventures to Change Password if Mobile Number is not changed in clarified in our article How to Change Password of UAN if Mobile number is not Changed, Our article Change Mobile Number in UAN if overlooked Password and Mobile Number Changed talks about the other situation. Our old password for UAN site was not working. We could login to UAN new site by changing our password as our mobile number had not changed.

EPFO UAN portal

After you have effectively changed your password you can Login to UAN New Website with UAN number and new Password.

New EPFO UAN Unified Portal

After login to the new UAN bound together login, you will see a perfect interface. Menus, Three major activities View Passbook, UAN Card helpdesk and Account Settings, Member Profile on the right-hand side.

Tapping on More Info will make you to the fitting move.

How to Download UAN Passbook From UAN Member Portal

If you want to know how to download UAN passbook then follow below step y step.

  • First of all visit UAN member portal website or click here
  • In this EPFO UAN member portal click on For Employees
  • There are one option to download UAN passbook
  • So your UAN member passbook downloaded

The Employees’ Provident Fund Organization has propelled the most recent brought together EPFO unified portalĀ for both employers and employee in light of the fact that the login portal of UAN will help you to check the adjust in EPF, to download your passbook and UAN card. The new propelled brought together gateway has the office to check and refresh the KYC status.

EPFO unified portal

The EPF has changed to the new EPFO Unified portal with the mix of UAN and ECR filling in online and in addition another office in internet keeping money bolster. One can utilize the bound together portal for online installment through multi-saving money and furthermore benefits for online enlistment through a solitary portal.

The new procedure for the portal is made around the UAN with the goal that it is called as the UAN EPFO Unified Portal. The all inclusive record number is given to each EPF part at the beginning of their work in the organization. Presently, EPF exchange and EPF withdrawal turn out to be simple in view of the UAN. The UAN EPFO Unified portal is the single stage for the businesses which are utilized to interface with the EPFO and Employers. With the UAN member portal, the business can work every one of the errands through and through, for example, from part enrollment to EPF commitment.

EPFO UAN Member Login

Now as per the government step towards to digital India you can more changes from home with the help of UAN member login portal. You have one password and user name so you can manage your UAN account itself. With the help of UAN EPFO Unified Portal you can download UAN login passbook and UAN card, update or modified your KYC (know your customer) status, check EPF balance online and many more!

Hope you can understand all the details of EPFO unified portal or how to use, create account, manage account, update your KYC and many more. Also we shared many more information on EPF balance status, how to claim your provident fund, check UAN Status, contact UAN helpdesk number, etc!

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