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Universal account number (UAN) activation became very easy when you want to check your EPF balance status online. There are different ways to check them and one of them contains UAN number. If you have already applied for same, then you can check UAN status from websites given here.

UAN member portal

UAN Application Status

You can check UAN status and also you can activate your UAN here. We will guide all employees to check status of UAN registration. Universal Account Number is a distinct 12 digit number allotted to EPFO member employees.

It is a unique identity for all members of EPFO. It does not change for lifetime.Number is allotted to all employees with validity for lifetime. When employers submit required details and documents at EPFO employer portal then UAN number will be allotted for all employees.

If you are not getting your UAN number from your employer, you can check UAN status by yourself. You are guided here how to check your UAN status online at EPFO website.

UAN serves as a portable identity for EPFO account for lifetime. It can also be seeded with bank accounts, PAN number and Aadhar card number. It is very beneficial for employees. Number remains same even when employees keep changing their jobs frequently.  Number of UANs were already activated online.

If you want to activate your UAN number, you should get UAN number from your employer. You can also know your UAN status online using your PF number. If your UAN number is not yet produced, you can use this information to track status. With this facility, members can generate and know their EPF UAN status number online without contacting employer.

Online Check UAN Status

Online UAN status can be checked at UAN member’s portal. Before you check it, you should be ready with your 22 digit EPF member ID. Here is how you can check your Universal Account Number status.

  • Here is link of EPFO portal, ‘Know your UAN Status’ page
  • Select your state and EPFO office or region from drop down menu list.
  • As soon as you select your EPFO state and region, first two boxes of PF account number will automatically get filled in.
  • Then you have to enter Establishment code, extension code and your PF account number. If       it does not have extension code, just leave it blank.
  • You can use link to search Establishment Code.
  • Click on ‘Check Status’ button. You will get a message whether Universal Account Number is allotted or not.
  • This might also show a message like “Your Universal Account Number” is allotted for Member ID <your member id no. will be here>. Please provide following details for verification. UAN details will get to your mobile that you have given during registration through SMS”

If you get a message like above, it is confirmed that your UAN has been allocated for your EPF Member ID. Then you can provide required details on that page to get your number. To know your EPF UAN status you would need to provide some further details.

Provide details in all necessary fields like below:

  • Member name
  • Date of birth
  • Mobile number
  • Password
  • Confirm password
  • Enter captcha code

After filling above details, click on ‘GET PIN’ tab. You will get PIN number to your mobile. Enter it in PIN field.

This will submit your request for UAN and it will be generated in next 7 days. Once it is generated, you will receive by SMS.

How To Activate EPF Universal Account Number / UAN

Use below link to activate this registration and check UAN status.

After activation, you will be created a unique login id to check EPFO balance using UAN number. Online UAN activation will enable you to use many online facilities at EPFO portal. To activate your UAN, you should submit details that you provided above.

You will Get PIN number which you have to enter to activate your Universal Account Number. Once it is activated, you can check your EPF claim status.

UAN scheme is to minimize dependency on employers. Members can get all kinds of information related to their EPFO account without approaching employers. If you are holding multiple PF account numbers, do not try to generate multiple UAN numbers. EPFO UAN system does not allow to generate multiple UAN numbers.

If you have not received your UAN, you can check UAN status using above procedure. You can also generate your Universal Account Number even you are not working currently. You can use your previous EPF account number.

Even if you have withdrawn your EPF amount, you can still generate your UAN and check UAN status. You can visit our site for useful information on Provident Fund.

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