EPF UAN Number Registration Application

EPF UAN Number Registration

EPF UAN Number Registration procedure online. Apply for Univesal Account Number in EPF INDIA.

Universal Account Number is an acronym for UAN which was started by Employee Provident Fund Organization. This was started in month of October 2011. Universal account number was started by Provident employee fund organization to reduce grueling process of transferring employee provident funds to next employee every time employee shifted from one company to another. Universal Account Number provides different services to all employees in one simple window.

UAN is a 12 digit number that is given to every employee who has an employee provident fund number. This EPF UAN number is used by employer to make sure that employee has control over their EPF funds account which reduces work of employer. Universal account number acts a roof of all other provident fund accounts of employee.

Employee has various benefits through universal account number. These benefits include ability to enter and edit nomination details of employee provident fund account, easy checking of employee provident fund account balance and tracking and filing of EPF transfer EPF claims that have been carried out from account.

UAN Number EPF

It also connects all of employee’s, UAN number is portable throughout employees career i.e.,when an employee switching jobs through different companies they can download their universal account number card through easy process.

Again, there is a higher retirement benefit for employees who have a universal account number. This is because most of employees would wish to withdraw money from their EPF account and this contain withdrawal charges which are deducted from employee’s and employer’s contributions. Therefore UAN will help in reducing withdrawal charges through ease of transfer of money after retirement.

UAN is used to transfer amounts from previous accounts to current account easily since employee provides his /her UAN and KYC details to their employer where after verification, employer then transfers amount. You can also receive monthly alerts through short message system (SMS) when employer and employee contribute to account. It is also used to check EPF total balance after employee’s account has been debited or credited any amount where it also sends a SMS to employee.

UAN is also used when withdrawals happen from accounts. This is because process of withdrawing amount required signatures of previous employer before employee could withdraw them but with UAN, it became much easier. Here all previous employer needs to do is to verify your KYC details.

Universal Account Number

Universal account number differs from employee’s member I.D. in ways such as: employee will have only one UAN whereas he can have more than one member id depending on number of companies he has been employed. All these member identities can be put in one UAN.

EPF UAN Number application Registration Process

Before registration of UAN number, you will need to have some documents. These documents include your provident fund number, which you can easily get from your pay slip.

Your date of birth as it is registered with records of Employee Provident Fund Officer which may differ in many cases. You will also need order of your names as in PF records and lastly your mobile number which should be in use.

To register for universal account number, you will need to get a universal account number form your former employee who will get it from Employee Provident Fund Officer.

Then you visit official website which is http://uanmembers.epfoservices.in/ and click on “activate UAN Based Registration”. After clicking on “activate”, you have to enter Universal Account Number that you received from employer followed by your mobile number and your member I.D. Then click enter.

After clicking enter, you will get a confirmation pin on your mobile through SMS. On same window, click on “I agree” tab then enter confirmation pin you received in your mobile phone, after which you click send.

Then a new window will be opened or a page where you see that details you entered have been verified. You can also go step ahead and create a password for logging in to mother portal which is member portal to access facilities provided in UAN portal keeping in mind that your username will always remain to be your EPF UAN number. These are steps required to get registered for your UAN number.

After registering, you have to log in to UAN portal. To do this, you will need your username which is your EPF UAN number and password that you created. Once you logged in, there are a lot of activities you can do including downloading of passbook,, viewing link status, claiming file transfer status, claim system generated transfer, edit your mobile number and your email address, edit your password and personal details in profile section, view FAQ questions and most importantly download universal account number card.

UAN card is important to employee since it displays universal account number and other details of employee. It has two sides where front of card shows EPF UAN number, name, husband’s/ father’s name, member I’d, photo of account holder and he KYC. It is important to note that if KYC of employee was uploaded by employer, it will then show as yes on front side of card but if it was not uploaded by employer but employee, KYC will show.

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